Welcome to the CVL

CVLs or Collaborative Video Logs are a collaborative learning model designed to engage groups of students around a topic that promotes ownership, reflection, academic and social outcomes.

A CVL consists of a series of video created by  a small group of student addressing a common theme or topic.  Students select or are assigned a day of the week where they are responsible for posting a video.  Students develop questions which are responded to in turn by other students in turn.  For example, if it is the student assigned to Mondays turn to ask a question, he or she would post a video asking their question and answering from their perspective.  Following that other students would answer the same question in rotation on their assigned day, with the last student in the group posing a new question for the group to answer.  Students throughout the week are responsible for watching and commenting on their peers videos.  At the end of the project student reflect, both individual and as a group, on the topic and what they have learned.

Please take some time to look around and learn more about the CVL.
CVL Research Publications
CVL Research Presentations
CVL Researcher Biographies
The Vloggers in the EPS415 CVL

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the CVL

  1. Excellent presentation at AECT! I’ve brought this idea back to the UK, and have some faculty members excited to explore it further!

    • Thank you Jeffrey, it is wonderful to hear that there are faculty who are wanting to explore using CVLs in their classrooms. The CVL experience continues to be one that pays dividends for our group, I hope that students around the world get such an opportunity. Please let us know if we can be of help!

  2. Yes, great presentation!

  3. Thanks Diane, don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any additional information!

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